about A dozen Furies

Summary: A Dozen Furies was a five-piece metal band from Plano (Dallas), Texas, releasing only 2 CD's: The "Rip The Stars Down" EP and their only full length album, "A Concept From Fire". They were featured on the MTV reality show Battle For Ozzfest and won, earning a spot on the 2005 Ozzfest Tour and a recording deal with Sanctuary/Divine Records.

Marc Serrano, the guitarist of the metalcore band A Dozen Furies, commented on the band's philosophy like this: "We approach things and attack things in the most reasonable fashion." It was all about closeness, truth, energy and keeping your feet on the ground. Driving in their own van from gig to gig the members of the American Band from Dallas/Texas wanted to concentrate onto the important things of their band life: "[T]o put us in the kids' eyes where they can hear us and see what we're all about." And that was what the members of A Dozen Furies did between the band's years of existence from 2003 to 2006.*

Before founding A Dozen Furies, Marc Serrano, his co-guitarist Joey Turner, singer Bucky Garrett, bass player Keith Reber and drummer Mike Miller had been into music for a long time since junior high. The lads even already coacted together in the band Ethynol. When Serrano left another band in 2003 he contacted Joey Turner and Mike Miller - and in an instant the old friends began to work on new songs for a new band.

With his beard and quite a grungy look Joey Turner reflected the soul of metal while Mike Miller handled everything that concerned the band's marketing. He was also responsible for the mythological name of the band. Buck Garrett eventually brought his versatile voice into the group. It did not only convince when it was getting down to soft tunes, but also and especially when the crowd was in need of thunder. A Dozen Furies was completed by the bass player Keith Reber who probably was the biggest and most glowing expert in music matters among the band members.

It was an ideal combination! And that is why it is not surprising that A Dozen Furies made their way to the winners of the MTV reality show Battle for Ozzfest in 2004. They were also awarded a spot on the 10th anniversary of Ozzfest in 2006. The band released its first album Rip the Stars Down, an EP in 2004, and the studio album A Concept from Fire in 2005 before they unfortunately turned towards going separate ways in 2006.

*Quotations taken from: www.sing365.com (16/12/2010)