A Dozen Furies A Concept from Fire (Album 2005)

The band's first and only album A Concept from Fire was released on September 13 in 2005. It was produced by D. Braxton Henry and published by Sanctuary Records, Divine Recordings. It starts with a peaceful acoustic part before it brings in the major theme: Fire. Apart from the EP the music of the album A Concept From Fire is much more effective. It seems to be in accord with Bucky Garret's varying voice. Competent musicians meet mainstream-metal: The band's energy is reflected in the music's beats and rhythms: It plays an important part in this mix of loud and hard sounds combined with rarer melodic tunes.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1 The Gift 01:15:00
2 Awake and Lifeless 03:57:00
3 The Everlasting Grudge 03:36:00
4 Push Away 02:36:00
5 A Concept from Fire 02:54:00
6 An Idea and Some Rope 02:50:00
7 The Cyle 03:29:00
8 Into Another Life 03:58:00
9 Lost in a Fantasy 03:29:00
10 Nightmare of a Martyr 04:29:00
11 138 03:55:00
12 Ill Will 05:23:00