A dozen Furies Rip the Stars Down (2004, EP)

In the band's beginnings the musical focus was clearly laid onto Bucky Garrett's voice. The instrumental aspect of the self-produced EP Rip the Stars Down does not seem to have been of great importance for the band. The texts deal with the controlling behaviour of oneself and others, with interpersonal relationships, but above all with matters of freedom, authenticity and the way to the inner self. These issues are musically underlined by repeated choruses and a singer whose unique voice shows a wide range from characteristic sreams to harmonic tunes.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1 Wind Me Up 02:52:00
2 By Any Means 03:29:00
3 Lost In A Fantasy 03:28:00
4 Falling 03:23:00
5 Push Away 02:56:00